The Reason Why I Switched to WordPress

THE REASON WHY I SWITCHED TO WORDPRESSHi! My name is Kat and welcome to HELLOKATZI. If you are wondering, “Katzi” means cat in German. *Nope, I’m not German*. I find it really cute so instead of HelloKat *which I think will not be available anymore* I added “zi” to make it sound cuter and unique. Anyway, I have been blogging since November 2011 through my fashion blog MissKatV. I’m a twenty-something year old Graphic Designer from Philippines. And currently works full-time at Natasha.


Since I already have a fashion/beauty blog, I want to dedicate this blog for DIY projects, planner ideas, and printable resources. Mainly about organising and keeping everything pretty. Like what I did in my first official blog post here: 3 Practical Ways of Shopping with Printable List

I also want to include some of my everyday life experiences to add some personal touch to it and make this blog as my online photodiary.


As what I’ve mentioned earlier, I have this fashion/beauty blog called MissKatV but I find that blog very random. My posts are very unorganised and some are off topic. I wanted to sort them out but I think it will take so much time and effort.

Plus, I really wanted to try WordPress for a very long time. And I think it is the perfect time and place to start a new blog. I want to elaborate some more but I think it is best if I make a separate post about this so It will be clearer.



I admit, I’m not really good in writing or constructing a good blogpost but I’m trying my very best to improve my writing skills and achieve these goals. I started blogging at MissKatV as a hobby and eventually gathered sponsors for blogposts that really helped me with paying bills. #truestory So I think, if I get a bit serious and organize my blog even more, I’ll get better results. #hoping

Alright, that is all for today’s post. Thank you again for all of you for stopping by to cheer me on along the way. You all are what keeps me going that little extra bit further each day, and keeps me coming back to blog and blog some more.


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